Jose Mourinho has good news for Man United fans

Mourinho sets the record straight

Jose Mourinho’s French television interview over the weekend set tongues wagging. The Manchester United boss expressed doubts about his future with the club and mused that he might coach Paris Saint-Germain one day.

This was said amid reports that contract talks have stalled between Mourinho and United.

Mourinho wanted to set the record straight ahead of United’s game against Benfica in the Champions League. Speaking at his press conference, he said: “I think you English media have the answer for that because, in one day, it says that I am going to sign a five-year contract, for £1billion per season and then, the next day, you say that I am leaving and going to PSG. I think that is the answer. The answer is that nothing is happening. I am not signing a new five-year contract and I am not leaving for PSG. I am at Manchester United and I have a contract. And that is it.”

But wait, there’s more

Except that wasn’t it. Mourinho had more to say, to elaborate on.

He continued: “The only thing that I told is true and there was not a misinterpretation of my words as I am not going to end my career at Manchester United.”

He added: “I was asked how is it possible in modern football that any manager is going to last 15 to 20 years in the same club. I think Arsene Wenger is the last one at Arsenal. I think it is impossible for us with everything that surrounds the job, all of the pressures that surround the job.

“I think it is impossible to last for so long. If in this moment, I wanted to finish my career in two, three, four or five years then I would say yes, I want to finish my career with Manchester United.

“But I think I am going to be a manager for 15 more years, minimum, in the job, and I think it is impossible to stay for 17 years in the same club. I think it is the impossible mission.

“Even if you want to, you can try, but I think it is impossible. Wenger is the last one. That was my answer. I don’t think I am going to end my career at Manchester United. That was my answer.

“After that, some people tried to be clever, some people tried to be malicious and they said many different things. But the reality is simple. I did not sign a new contract but I am not thinking about leaving.”

So there’s no need to panic United fans. Mourinho is sticking around for a while yet.