Jose Mourinho was furious with one of his assistants over instructions given to Paul Pogba

Jose Mourinho giving out to Giovanni Cerra
Jose Mourinho giving out to Giovanni Cerra

Jose loses his cool

Jose Mourinho lost his cool with one of his assistants before Manchester United’s match against Zorya Luhansk. His scolding of Giovanni Cerra was caught on BT Sport for all to see. Mourinho was angry because Paul Pogba seemed a bit confused right before kick-off of the match.

Cerra, in charge of video analysis of opponents, hadn’t been clear with his instructions.

Furious that this confusion was happening so late in the day, Mourinho marched up to Cerra.

He pointed at the coach’s tactics book and gave out to him like a headmaster. The pair had previously worked together at Chelsea. United went on to win the game 1-0 so it doesn’t seem as though this row will have any lasting consequences on their working relationship.

Mourinho explains row

Clarifying what he was angry about in his post-match press conference, Mourinho explained: “It was set pieces, organisation, they changed their team before the game. Paul was a bit confused with the changes. Obviously, I want my assistants to take care of all the details.” That’s that so, right?

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