Jose Mourinho expects summer exit for forward

Jose Mourinho & Antonio Conte


Zlatan Ibrahimovic will leave Manchester United at the end of the season, after his miraculous recovery from a knee injury failed to go as planned.

The forward came back far earlier than expected, and many people thought it would be the start of his second season at United, where he would be helping with the goals and wins.

However, it’s not worked out like that and now manager Jose Mourinho has been honest about what he thinks will happen, and praised the player for being such an honest professional – noting that he may even consider hanging up his boots at the end of the season.

“We all think it’s his last season at Manchester United and it will be a very personal decision for him to play or to stop,” said Mourinho.

“I think he wants the right of choosing his life, his future, such an amazing player and amazing career. [It’s a shame] that only that awful injury in the wrong moment broke a fantastic couple of seasons he could, and should, have had with us. This season is really different for him.

“He’s not injured. Does he feel totally happy, ready and convinced that he’s in condition to help the team in this moment? No. But he’s such an honest guy and such a champion, he only wants to be back with that feeling of ‘I’m totally ready for it’.

“So he’s working hard and hopefully his evolution brings him to that level. He wants to have a positive answer.”

LA Galaxy

Zlatan may leave the Premier League, but there will be plenty of options for him, and returning to Malmo may be on the cards – but there is also a huge amount of interest in the player from LA Galaxy, and his family are even thought to be house hunting in Beverly Hills ahead of a possible move.