Jose Mourinho launches passionate defence of Marcus Rashford playing time

The media are obsessed

Jose Mourinho has launched a passionate defence of how he uses Marcus Rashford.

The Man United boss took exception to the fact that some of the media claim Rashford needs to leave Man United in order to get playing time.

The forward has featured a fair amount of time for United – and Mourinho was at great pains to point that out.

The Guardian report he said: “Speaking about Marcus, I think I can expect that Sunday I’m going to be highly criticised for not playing him.

“Because some of the [media] boys are really obsessed with me. Some of them, they have a problem with some compulsive lies. So I can expect that Sunday some of them they will wake up in the morning and as always the first thing they think is Jose Mourinho.

“But it is not my fault, he’s suspended, so probably you should remind them that he is suspended and cannot play. Performances with England, of course I’m happy. He played well, he competed well, he scored. Especially in a period where he comes with some sadness after his suspension it was very good that he did that.”

LEEDS, ENGLAND – JUNE 07: Marcus Rashford of England celebrates with Jordan Henderson and Trent Alexander-Arnold of England during the International Friendly match between England and Costa Rica at Elland Road on June 7, 2018 in Leeds, England. (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Marcus Rashford; Jordan Henderson; Trent Alexander-Arnold

The facts on Rashford

The United boss even decided to read out the stats about the playing time.

Mourinho added that Rashford has featured in all United’s competitions.

He added that since he’s been at the club, Rashford has played a huge amount of minutes, and hinted that people could be confused about the playing time.

“On the season 16-17 Marcus Rashford played 32 Premier League matches. 11 Europa League matches, including the final. Three FA Cup matches, six League Cup matches including the final and the Community Shield. He had 53 appearances. If you want to take to the minutes of play, he played 3,068. If you want to divide that by 90 minutes of the matches, he played 34.2 matches of 90 minutes.


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“In 17-18, he played 35 Premier League matches. Eight in Champions League, five in FA Cup including the final, three League Cup matches. The European Super Cup final. He played a total of 52 matches with 2,676 minutes. If you divide that by 90, it gives 29.7 matches. So with me, in two seasons, he had 105 appearances, 5,744 minutes. 63.7 matches of 90 minutes. Including five finals, so the people that is speaking about these minutes, I think they are a bit confused.”

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