Jose Mourinho blames Luke Shaw, has a go at Man Utd left-back on Watford bench

Mourinho blaming Shaw at Watford
Mourinho blaming Shaw at Watford

United lose at Watford

Manchester United’s defeat at Watford has sent the club into full-blown crisis mode.

Three games on the bounce is a bad run for any club, let alone one as big as Manchester United, especially after the massive investment made on the squad this summer,

But for the moment, the expensively-assembled outfit lacks organization or cohesion, and questions are being asked about Jose Mourinho’s competence at this early stage.

But the Portuguese is keen to make clear that it’s not his fault; it’s the players’.

Mourinho points blame at Luke Shaw

Mourinho has never been shy to openly criticize players for mistakes (despite his claims to the contrary), and without explicitly naming him, he pointed the blame at Luke Shaw for Watford’s second goal:

‘Their second goal was a mistake that goes against our plan and training because our intention was for their wing backs to to be pressed.

“What happened was their guy gets the ball 25 metres away from our box and wasn’t pressed. We gave him the space to progress.

“Kolarov (in the derby) has the ball in a difficult situation in the corner and my players didn’t press. Today for the second goal they receive the ball and our left back (Luke Shaw) is 25 metres away instead of five.’

And as the picture on backpage of tomorrow’s Express shows, Mourinho also had a go at Shaw after hooking him off at Vicarage Road.

It’s early days yet, and Mourinho still has plenty of time to turn this around, but the parallels with his final days at Chelsea are troubling.