John & Toni Terry

John Terry reminds everyone why you don’t post about holidays on social media

Holiday regret

John Terry probably regrets posting a video of him and his wife skiing on holiday on his social media.

The video alerted a gang of thieves that the Terry family were away, and they spotted a perfect opportunity to rob his house of more than £400,000 worth of designer goods.

Among the items stolen were £219,000 of Cartier jewellery, a £61,000 eternity ring, and £18,000 worth of first edition signed Harry Potter books, a judge heard.

Terry had previously shared pictures of his surrey home itself, which used to belong to golfer Colin Montgomerie, on Instagram, making it fairly easy to track down for the professional criminals.

New start

The Chelsea legend is starting a new chapter of his career, at the ripe old age of 36.

After almost two decades at the Blues, Terry will begin the new campaign as captain of Championship side Aston Villa.

Meanwhile, back at the Bridge, fellow centre-back Gary Cahill has formally replaced Terry as the club’s captain, while Spaniard Cesar Azpilicueta has been named vice-captain.