Jame Vardy

Jamie Vardy reveals what gets him through his days as a Premier League footballer

Dele Alli’s defence

Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy has come to the defence of fellow Premier League star Dele Alli.

The Spurs midfielder has come under fire from the press for pulling the middle finger while on international duty with England.

Some have called for Alli to be banned by FIFA, but Vardy thinks such a punishment would be ridiculous.

“The middle finger? Come on, it’s harmless,” Vardy told Football365.

It’s only banter

The 2016 Premier League winner has made a solid start to the new campaign, scoring a brace in Leicester’s opening day defeat at Arsenal.

In defence of Alli, Vardy said that the gesture was to his former Spurs teammate Kyle Walker.

“It’s just something that has been blown out of proportion. He was doing it to Walks [Kyle Walker].

“It’s just harmless banter and has been blown way out of proportion. They’re always having a laugh and a giggle. That’s just how they are.

“They were team-mates for a few years. They’re going to like to mess around, especially now that Walks has moved on himself.

“It would definitely be harsh [if he got banned]. If he is getting reprimanded for that, then we might as well take emotion and enjoyment out of the game.

“Everyone has got to have a bit of banter, otherwise I don’t think you would get through the day of being a footballer.”

England players have returned to their club sides for the upcoming weekend fixtures.

Leicester take on champions Chelsea at the King Power on Saturday.

At the same time, Alli’s Spurs side take on Manchester City.