Jamie Vardy didn’t call Mike Dean a ‘fat bald c**t during Man United 4 – Leicester 1 (Vine)

Vardy innocent this time

Vardy abusing a ref last season
Vardy abusing a ref last season

Spiky Jamie Vardy

Jamie Vardy is, erm, a bit of a spiky character at times.

The Leicester front man came up in the cold hard world of non-league football, and he still carries with him some of the mores and culture of the lower leagues.

Such as drinking bottles of blue WKD after games (Vardy was bordering on alcoholism in his early years at Leicester), and generally being a bit of a jack the lad.

Some of this adds to his fun character, but there are more negative, nasty sides too, such as his over-the-top verbal abuse of referees.

Vardy is a wonderful footballer, but he’s been involved in some incidents which leave a bitter taste in the mouth.

Did not call Mike Dean a ‘fat bald cunt’ 

So there were the predictable ‘typical Vardy’ when he appeared to be lipread calling Mike Dean ‘a fat bald cunt’ yesterday.

But upon closer inspection, Vardy was the victim of some presumptuous lipreading, as he actually said, ‘What am I supposed to do? Fucking bulldozed.’

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