Arsene Wenger wins the FA Cup. Again!

Jamie Carragher explains why Arsenal won’t win the Premier League

Weak at the back

Jamie Carragher has claimed Arsenal won’t win the league due to their long standing issues in defence.

He thinks that Arsene Wenger should’ve purchased a top centre back in the summer – and failed to do so, meaning the Gunners will once again fail to win any trophies of note this season.

“Arsenal haven’t improved at the back since last season,” he told the London Evening Standard.

“If you want to be successful, you have to have a strong defensive unit. But that’s what has let Arsenal down. 

“Arsenal conceded 44 goals last season and that is far too many. 

“You must aim to concede less than a goal a game, then that gives you a chance to challenge for the title. 

“Just look at the last three champions: Chelsea last season (33 goals against), Leicester (36) and Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea in 2015 (32).

“This is why I was very surprised Arsenal didn’t bring another centre-back in, especially as they are going to play three at the back a lot more. 

“Arsenal and Chelsea wanted to sign Van Dijk and the £60-£70million fee talked about was an awful lot and shows there is a dearth of centre-backs. If you want a player of that quality, you have to pay it. If you don’t, maybe you don’t achieve the targets you have set for the club. 

“Southampton didn’t sell Van Dijk, but Chelsea still went and brought in Antonio Rudiger and Andreas Christensen [back from loan] and added to what they had.”


Liverpool have the same issues

Ironically, Carragher’s former team Liverpool also have the same issues, with their defensive line-up also shocking and looking like it will cost them in key games.

That’s already been the case in Europe and the Premier League last season, and they were another side who chased after van Dijk for the majority of the summer – with no success.