James Rodriguez was furious about rough treatment by Argentina players (Video)

James Rodriguez losing his cool
James Rodriguez losing his cool

Targeted James

James Rodriguez was not a happy man during Colombia’s 3-0 defeat to Argentina in last night’s World Cup Qualifier. The playmaker had no qualms with the quality of his Messi-inspired opponents – but could not excuse their rough treatment. He was fouled throughout the match and brought this to the attention of officials at half-time.

Mercado clash

The Real Madrid attacker didn’t simply state his case on the pitch. He stayed one step ahead of the officials all the way down the tunnel, pleading his case. One Argentina defender appeared to relish his reactions. Gabriel Mercado, a right-back who plays for Sevilla, delighted in winding up his frustrated opponent. It led to some explicit language between the pair with James shouting ‘hijo de puta’ at his nemesis.

Watch the rough treatment James Rodriguez was subjected to in the video below.