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The issue Alexis Sanchez is still causing at Arsenal – despite leaving in January


Arsenal players are reportedly annoyed with the club for allowing Alexis Sanchez to leave for Manchester United during the last transfer window – and think the club are making more and more mistakes.

While there were several concerns about Alexis and his attitude at the end of his time with the Gunners, selling a player to a rival is not – in their eyes at least – an acceptable thing to do.

They also noted that the players are unhappy with their manager – not exactly a shock given what he’s been doing recently, and the lack of a direction at the club seems to be a huge problem that isn’t going away anytime soon – unless a new manager comes in, and worse of all for Wenger, it seems they don’t even really care who comes in to replace him – as long as Wenger himself is out.

An ESPN source said: “A lot of the players don’t want Wenger. They are not happy with his tactics and the training.

“The players don’t want any particular manager to come in – some speak about Thierry Henry, Carlo Ancelotti and even Rafa Benitez – but they are really frustrated.

“A lot of them are also unhappy about the sale of Alexis Sanchez to Manchester United. Alexis could be difficult at times, but the players think it sent the wrong message to sell him to a rival.”

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Daily Mail: Wenger facing the axe

Daily Mail: Wenger facing the axe

New manager

There have been several names mentioned to take over at the club, with the fans at the point where they would take pretty much anyone but Wenger – and it seems that the club need more than a manager, with several of their players looking nowhere near good enough at the minute, and others being out of contract this summer.

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