Irate Jurgen Klopp lost for words after Liverpool’s draw at Sunderland (video)

Jurgen Klopp struggles to compose himself

The Liverpool 2 – Sunderland 2 Premier League encounter looks to have seriously troubled Jurgen Klopp.

This was a fixture the genial German did not want played and asked to be moved, since it came less than 48 hours after the win over Manchester City on Saturday evening.

In the event, Liverpool dropped two precious points as they bid to cut down Chelsea’s lead at the top of the Premier League.

Klopp: “I have no idea what to say”

Liverpool twice lead at Sunderland, through Daniel Sturridge and then Sadio Mane. Both times, Jermaine Defoe scored from the penalty spot to level things up.

After the game, Klopp struggled to describe the game, and pointed out that Liverpool were not on TV today, wondering why they had to play two days after their last match.

Klopp was also upset with the foul given in the lead up to the penalty, as Mane handled from a Sunderland free-kick.

The Liverpool boss says midway through the interview: “I have no idea what to say” despite hailing his players for “fighting like devils”.

Overall, you can see that the Liverpool manager does not want to criticise his players after so little rest.