Internacional slams CBF for lack of compassion towards Chapecoense. But are they being two-faced?

International's president Vitorio Piffero
International’s president Vitorio Piffero

How to finish the Brazilian season?

In the aftermath of the tragic Chapecoense plane crash, one issues which has engulfed the Brazilian top flight football scene have been discussions over how to close out the season.

The Brazilian first division has one more round to go in the 2016 calendar.

The Brazilian football association, or CBF, called for Chapecoense to play their final game of the season. The CBF noted that Chapecoense can field a team made up of youth players, and those who never boarded the fateful flight to Medellin.

The CBF’s position, has in turn, received heavy blowback.

Chapecoense, naturally, haven’t shown a desire to return to the football field, while their opponents in the last round of the season, Atletico Mineiro, publicly stated on Thursday that they would not take the field in respect of this week’s tradegy and Chapecoense’s position in the matter.

Internacional v CBF

The fallout between the clubs and the CBF has now escalated as Internacional’s president Vitorio Piffero has added his voice in support of those wishing the final weekend of the season to be scraped.

Piffero met the press on Thursday noting his team were “extremely shaken by this catastrophe”. He went on to say:

Inter expresses its unconditional support to the families of the victims and to Chapecoense. We will go to funeral to pay our respects.

I will sign an official letter to send to the CBF that Chapecoense should not be relegated in the coming years.

We also propose there is no more football in 2016. How can we play? I do not know. This proposal [from the CBF to finish the season] shows an absolute lack of emotions. 

But what are International’s motives?

Many in Brazil are questioning Internacional’s motives in their stance.

Indeed, the situation has been explained by Richard Dücker as follows:

There is a huge controversy going on in Brazil right now. Internacional is trying to use the tragedy around the plane crash to avoid to play the last round, in order to try to escape from relegation.

The last round was postponed due to the accident. One day later its vice president came to the press complaining about that, saying they “have their own tragedy, that is being relegated”, and that “delaying the last round is harmful for their interest”.

Yesterday Internacional said they don’t want to play the last round, once the players are not in condition. Meanwhile their Under-19 team played a final match in the regional championship, became champions, and then celebrated.

Yesterday they also [petitioned] the sport court asking for one of the teams that are fighting relegation against to lose points.

The lack of compassion is not coming from CBF.

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