Leo Messi v Alaves

Incredible new tribute to Barcelona star Lionel Messi set for China

Theme park

Barcelona and Argentina star Lionel Messi could well be the GOAT – at least according to his fans, and now he’s set to get an amusement park built to honour him in China.

The park will be named ‘The Messi Experience Park’ and will consists of more than 20 attractions over a 80,000 sq metre site – pretty impressive, although naturally it would have to be that large to accommodate all of his career highlights to date.

It will open in 2019, and obviously have many, many visitors.

Ronaldo will want one

Of course, there is no word as of yet on how Messi’s eternal rival Cristiano Ronaldo is taking the news, with their rivalry and fanbases a huge part of modern football.

In all seriousness, the majority of people now relish the fact we get to see both of them push each other to get better week in, week out, and the level that they play at, which of course could well never be repeated by anyone else.