Ian Wright and more criticize Man Utd’s Paul Pogba for failing to back up Hashtags & Emoji

Pogba Emoji

Paul Pogba didn’t choose the most auspicious of times to introduce his emoji to the world.

The Frenchman is a one-man social media mogul, and has taken over Twitter with his viral videos and hairstyles.

Now that he’s come back into form of late, it seems his marketing team have seen fit to cash in on his marketability, and introduced a Pogba hashtag/emoji to Twitter, which met with mixed opinions.

Ian Wright not impressed

Because if you’ve just introduced your own personalized emoji, then you need to at least back it up with a half decent performance in your next game.

And Pogba didn’t even manage that much today: in short, he had a stinker.

The ex-Juve man gave away the penalty from which Liverpool scored, and from that point on seemed to completely lose his head.

He almost cost United a second goal after sloppily losing possession on the halfway line in the 2nd half, and seemed to completely forget how to mark people on corners.