Hope Solo attacks gender pay inequality as US female soccer stars receive much less than men (Vox Video)

Hope Solo, USWNT, United States, soccer

Hope Solo isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

The American goalie is known for having a loud mouth and being involved in questionable off the field incidents.

However, when it’s come to the subject of gender pay inequality, Solo is impressively leading the charge to change the status quo in the United States.

The women’s US soccer team are currently in a major legal dispute with their national federation over the issue of pay inequality.

Despite the USWNT being far, far more successful than their male counterparts, they are paid considerably less.

Moreover, the wage gap feels wholly unfair, as the women’s US soccer stars generate much more money than the men’s team, while they also draw far bigger audiences.

Vox Media have sat down with Hope Solo to talk about her fight for wage equality.

During the chat, the American keeper admitted that she’s also needed to convince women in her own team that her fight is worth having in public.

Watch the Vox video below, together with a segment from the Daily Show on the wage inequality in the professional soccer scene in America.