David De Gea

Here’s who pressured David De Gea into signing his latest Man United contract

Louis van Gaal

David De Gea was bullied into signing his latest deal with Manchester United according to Diario Gol, who think that Louis van Gaal pressured him into penning the new contract, when in reality he wanted to leave.

De Gea has been linked heavily with Real Madrid, and was their number one choice to replace Keylor Navas – with links still surrounding the player and La Liga champions.

De Gea is currently thought to be about to be offered a new deal with Manchester United, who are of course desperate to keep him, and said deal will not only extend the terms of his current contract but it will also see him receive a pay rise as well to put him on parity with some of the highest earners in the club and Premier League.

Real Madrid?

Apparently, De Gea would still like a move to Real Madrid in the future, and would never rule it out. That’s something United fans will be worried about, with the links never really going away between the club and player – and Real Madrid unquestionably have the best team in the world right now/

Despite the resurgence at United, it would certainly be a tempting offer and one that opens up a variety of possibilities for the Spaniard, including moving back to his home country, where his pop star girlfriend is based.

Jan Oblak

The other option for Real Madrid appears to be Jan Oblak – who of course plays for rivals Atletico Madrid, and he will certainly be as hard if not harder to get.

Jose Mourinho will do all he can to hold onto his star man, and make sure that he keeps De Gea and is able to have not only some of the best outfield players in the Premier League, but unquestionably the best goalkeeper to boot.