Jurgen Klopp

Here’s why Liverpool fans don’t need to worry about Klopp and Bayern

No chance

Liverpool fans don’t need to worry about the future of Jurgen Klopp, despite the Bayern Munich job being up for grabs in the summer.

That’s according to BT Sport pundit Owen Hargreaves, who spoke about the previous links between Klopp and Bayern – a pretty standard thing to happen when you’re German, have done well with another club in the Bundelsiga and are a good manager.

However, Hargreaves thinks that Klopp is so devoted to the project he’s building at Liverpool that he wouldn’t leave – at least not for now.

“That was a conversation point back when, Klopp and Bayern Munich,” Hargreaves told Express Sport.

“I just look at Klopp and Liverpool and the fan base – they’re a match made it heaven. They really are.

“He’s built something, it’s growing there. It takes time as it took time with Dortmund.

“The thing is the Premier League is so much more competitive than the Bundesliga. Liverpool attacking wise are up there with anyone.

“But with Klopp give him time and with money he can try to address these problems.

“With Van Dijk and Keita this summer, he knows as well. I hope they stay together. It’s a special relationship there and they seem to suit each other.”


One man who is the front runner for the Bayern Munich job is also someone Liverpool fans know well – given they knocked his club, Hoffenheim, out of Europe in the Champions League qualifiers.

Many people have said  Julian Nagelsmann is too young for the job – but Hargreaves thinks that’s far from the case.

“A lot of people say he’s too young and inexperienced but the guy has been caching since he was 20,

“He took over a Hoffenheim team who were in relegation and they were able to stay up and get them into Champions League qualifying, only to lose to Liverpool. His stock has continued to rise.

“Even though he’s very young and most people would say it is a surprise. But based on his body of work and the style of football he plays – the footballers at Bayern would be a match made in heaven.”