Harry Redknapp criticises Spurs for furloughing employees. Also, Harry’s promoting casino companies on radio

Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp criticises Spurs for furloughing employees

Newcastle United were the first Premier League club to act, and then Tottenham followed suit.

This week, both Newcastle and Tottenham have furloughed employees as the financial implications of the Covid-19 outbreak take hold.

On Tuesday, Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy explained the club’s actions, saying:

Yesterday, having already taken steps to reduce costs, we ourselves made the difficult decision – in order to protect jobs – to reduce the remuneration of all 550 non-playing directors and employees for April and May by 20% utilising, where appropriate, the Government’s furlough scheme.

Tottenham’s decision to send home their employees without pay has been criticised by former Spurs manager Harry Redknapp.


What did Harry Redknapp say

Speaking to the Sun, Harry Redknapp said:

I can’t believe it. Surely players should be taking a cut. This isn’t for big clubs like Tottenham.

I thought the Government were going to pay ordinary people who are struggling and help small businesses who are struggling.

But you are talking here about a club where their players earn £10-12million a year.

Tottenham are owned by Joe Lewis, one of the richest men in the world, and his club are cutting the wages of all their non-football staff by 20 per cent. I can’t believe it.

Here is a club where the average player earns £80,000, £90,000, £100,000 a week.

And that’s average! Their top players earn £150,000 a week, maybe even £200,000 a week.

Surely, players should be taking a cut.

Also, Harry Redknapp is promoting casino companies on radio

While Harry Redknapp is telling Premier League footballers to cut their wages, it’s also worth noting that the former Premier League manager is also pushing gambling products right now.

With no football action, Harry Redknapp is promoting an online casino in radio ads.

On March 24, the Guardian reported on how the Covod-19 lockdown has pushed punters towards riskier gambling games:

Online sports betting with a bookmaker carries a slightly higher rate of disordered gambling, at 2.5%. However, online slots, casino and bingo attract a much higher rate of potential addicts, with about 9.2% of people who spend money on those products classed as having a problem.


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