Harry Kane makes bizarre mistake on Instagram before deleting post

Little statistical trophies

Football fans tend to hoard statistics like little trophies. It’s a point of pride being able to say how many assists Mesut Ozil gave without needing to look it up. This is a side effect of our obsession with the game. So it’s really baffling when an actual top level professional can’t remember their own landmarks, especially when he’s only 23-years-old. The player we’re referring to directly is Harry Kane.

The Spurs striker is fit again and will be expected to play some part in this weekend’s North London derby. Maybe it was the excitement of his comeback that caused him to make this error on his Instagram account.

Strange mistake

Earlier today, Kane celebrated the anniversary of a great goal from the many he’s scored over the last three years. It was a last-minute free-kick against Aston Villa. The caption on the post read: “2 years ago today I scored my first Premier League goal! One of the best moments of my career so far!”

What’s wrong with that you ask? It wasn’t his first Premier League goal. He scored three the previous season. Kane deleted the post and laughed about the mistake below. The suspicion is that Kane’s PR team, who run his social media account, made the error. Do your research, lads.

Look at the forward’s social media activity below.