Harry Kane blamed for his Tottenham injury vs Man City

Harry Kane is injured vs Man City

It’s deja vu for Tottenham striker Harry Kane.

The fear is that England’s captain suffered ankle ligament damage during Tuesday’s Champions League win over Man City.

Kane hobbled out the quarterfinal just before the hour mark.

The injury occurred during a touchline coming together with Fabian Delph.

Delph got to the ball first, however the stand-in left-back ended up landing his studs on Kane’s ankle.

Fabian Delph vs Harry Kane (1)

Fabian Delph vs Harry Kane (2)

Harry Kane blamed for his Tottenham injury

Many fans are regarding Fabian Delph blameless for Kane’s latest injury problem.

Instead Kane is being criticised for what could be the end of his 2018-19 season.

Why? Because fans, even Spurs fans, believe Kane should never have got involved in the challenge.

The argument levelled at Kane is that he does too much.

Rather than conserving energy and protecting his body, the England captain is too gung-ho with his attitude.

Fans love passionate and fully-committed players, but footballers need to be wise to potential pitfalls of overextending themselves.

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