Good news for Jose Mourinho after Liverpool: Man United boss beats FA appeal

Liverpool 3 – Man United 1

The fallout from Man United’s defeat at Liverpool on Sunday isn’t going away for Man United.

Will Jose Mourinho survive the season at Old Trafford.

Many noted how December 17, 2018 marked the three year anniversary of when Chelsea sacked Mourinho.

It’s worth noting that a season later, with pretty much the same squad that Mourinho had, Chelsea won the league.

Could good times be around the corner if Man United get rid of the Special One?

Sadly for Man United fans, however, it’s still doubtful whether the club will fire their manager anytime soon.

Jose Mourinho beats his Newcastle, FA charge for good

Yet Mourinho did receive some good news on Monday.

At the start of November it was revealed that Mourinho had beaten an FA charge of using abusive, insulting or improper language.

The incident related to Man United’s 3-2 victory over Newcastle United in the Premier League.

After the match Mourinho was accused of swearing in Portuguese into a TV camera.

Man United’s manager was accused of saying “fodas filhos de puta” – “f*** off sons of a bitch”.

The FA charged Mourinho, which left the Man United boss under threat of punishment.

However Mourinho beat the FA charge after an independent regulatory commission reviewed the case.

But that wasn’t the end of the matter, as the FA appealed that decision.

On Monday the verdict on the appeal was announced: Mourinho won again.

FA react to the Mourinho decision

The FA have posted the following reaction to the appeal decision on their website:

The FA welcomes the original decision of the Appeal Board to uphold its appeal against Mr Mourinho for using abusive, insulting and improper language after the Manchester United v Newcastle United match on 6 October 2018.

It also respects the decision of the Independent Regulatory Commission to dismiss the charge based on the legal argument submitted by Mr Mourinho.

The FA’s position, which it maintained throughout the hearing, was that Mr Mourinho directed his abusive, insulting and improper words directly towards the camera lens, and in these circumstances, the decision to charge was consistent with previous FA charging practice.

Whilst we accept that the Independent Regulatory Commission disagreed on this occasion, The FA wishes to make clear that it will continue to take action against Participants for any form of abusive, insulting, or improper language or behaviour, which is directed towards a camera.

Finally, following the Appeal Board decision, and the most recent decision of the Independent Regulatory Commission, The FA now considers this matter to be closed.

Note: the FA never lose

How often have the FA lose such cases against bad behaviour?

The last time the FA brought a disciplinary case which failed was back in 2013.

That incident involved Chelsea’s Eden Hazard and a Swansea ball boy.

On that occasion, the FA tried to impose a three game ban against Hazard but that charge failed.

As such, Mourinho’s victory against the FA is hugely significant.

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