Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard compares himself to Harry Kane, bigs up Tottenham’s Pochettino

Frank Lampard talks to the Sunday Times

The big interview in the Sunday Times is with Chelsea’s all-time leading goalscorer, Frank Lampard.

Lampard has recently retired, while he’s currently often seen on TV as a pundit during live games.

The Blues legend talked on a range of topics, including why England’s golden generation underperformed, his style of scoring, and the best ways to manage players.

Why England sucked

On his time with the England national team, Lampard was forthright in explaining why his counterparts failed:

We performed for our clubs but not as a team. We rocked up, some of us didn’t like each other because we played against each other every week.

Look at a great country in modern times, like Germany, and I look at their players… Their education system, how they push them, the way they put a reliance on education at the same time as developing them as footballers, is huge. And, for me, that’s a huge factor.

His playing style

Having touched on how England footballers are raised and educated in the game, Lampard also discussed what parts of training he preferred.

That ended up with the Chelsea legend comparing himself with Tottenham centre-forward Harry Kane:

I hated dinking keepers. I hated trying to put it in the top corner. Most times I put my head down and foot through it and scored a lot of goals through deflections.

That wasn’t luck, that came from striking the ball hard and early — like Harry Kane.

Management styles

Will Lampard get into coaching in the future? Could he one day become the Chelsea boss?

It’s clear the ex-pro is still working out what the rest of his career looks like, but when discussing how best to succeed in the management side of the game, Lampard believes Tottenham have the perfect template in place:

Much as I’m interested in coaching I’ve just as much interest in how to deal with people. I see someone like [Mauricio] Pochettino and his relationship with players — like both a boss and a bit of a friend — and I love that.