Former Real Madrid and Milan striker sentenced to 9 years in prison

Crazy story

A former Real Madrid, Manchester City and AC Milan striker has been sentenced to 9 years in prison reports have revealed.

The news broke at around 5 pm on Thursday that Brazilian forward Robinho had received a hefty prison sentence for sexual assault.

Sky Sports tweeted the news which soon took over the world of social media as footballing fans around the world were stunned.

While the fine details of the incident remain to be revealed, the huge sentence does give an insight into the severity of the crime.

Shortly after the news broken, Mundo ESPN’s article revealed that the incident was in relation to his time with AC Milan.

Specifically, it came in January 2013 with the act coming against a young Albanian woman who is said to have been 22 at the time.

The article also reveals that five others were said to be involved in the incident which could well lead to further sentences.

Possible appeal

Football Italia also revealed that there will be an appeals process that could see him avoid the sentence.

“Although this is a guilty verdict and a nine-year prison sentence awarded, the Italian justice system includes several levels of appeal.”

“Because of that, the verdict is effectively put on hold until the appeals process is completed and no sentence will be enforced until then.”

Robinho is still actually playing football in Brazil with Atletico Minero and his future in football is likely to be in doubt.

While he is still playing with Minero, it is probably expected that his contract will be terminated in due course.

This news will no doubt stun the footballing world with a player known for his immense talent during his career set for time behind bars.