Former Bundesliga defender caught by police with an insane amount of weed in Brazil

Ex Gladbach defender Marcelo Pletsch
Ex Gladbach defender Marcelo Pletsch

Marcelo Pletsch is a massive marijuana dealer

A story has leaked out of South America this week concerning former Borussia Mönchengladbach and Kaiserslautern defender Marcelo Pletsch.

Pletsch is now 40-years-old, while he played over 120 matches for Gladbach from 1999 to 2005.

Now retired, Pletsch lives in his hometown of Toledo in Brazil, however he’s in big trouble with local police after he’s been arrested for trafficking a massive amount of marijuana.

Local media claim the weed was hidden in the roof of a truck, while pictures from the raid have been posted online.

The hidden weed
The hidden weed

How much?

According to the reports, Pletsch was arrested while in possession of 793 kilograms of weed.

Pletsch is now looking at serving between five and fifteen years in jail for his crime.

Pletsch, who claims to be a pig farmer by trade after retiring from football, also holds a German passport.