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The footballing world responds to Premier League’s new transfer window


The footballing world has been responding to the news today that the Premier League have altered the summer transfer window to end before the season.

The changes to the transfer window has certainly been the talk of the town on Thursday with the very bold change making waves in Europe.

The Premier League announced on Thursday afternoon that the new transfer window would end one day before the new season started.

That means that there will be no altering of the squads when the season starts and there will be no incoming transfers during the season.

Though, there could still be outbound transfers which means that players could still leave the Premier League up until foreign transfer windows close.

Several clubs around the world have now given their support to the Premier League clubs for their bold decision.

All of them have also commented that they hope the association in charge of their leagues will also consider the move to bring them in line with the PL.

One of huge note is Monaco vice-president Vadim Vasilyev who backed the move and explained he is a fan of that format.

“Our English colleagues have made a very good decision today for closing the transfer window before at the start of next season. I am much for that idea.”

Bernard Caiazzo, president of Saint-Étienne and the L1 clubs’ union, has also given his support for the movement.

“There is no reason for Ligue 1 not to follow the movement [of shortening the transfer period].”

Juventus’ Marotta has also explained: “The PL’s decision to end the transfer window early is wise. Now we have to extend the discussion to a European level.”

The details

There was a lot to take in when the Premier League announced the details to the new look summer transfer window.

It will take place firstly next summer following the 2018 World cup and there will be several eyes on how it pans out.

Find out all the details here.