Football Manager 2017 dwarfs Man United & Arsenal for the number of scouts they employ (BBC Video)


Football Manager 2017

The hype is starting to build around the forthcoming release of Football Manager 2017 next month.

The BBC have this week spoken to the Miles Jacobson, the director of Football Manager at Sports Interactive, about how they go about getting their data for the game, and it was asserted that Football Manager 2017 dwarfs the likes of Man United and Arsenal for the number of scouts they employ.

How many scouts do they have?

Football Manager 2017 may own the largest scouting network in the world, as they believe they employ over 1300 scouts in 51 countries.

They claim they have more scouts than Manchester United and Arsenal, and are able to get reports from all teams in the UK, plus their reserve and youth team matches, throughout the season.

Enjoy the clip below.

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