FIFA will announce 48-team World Cup as of 2026 this Tuesday

48 team World Cup

Talk of a 48 team World Cup first surfaced a few months ago, and it originally sounded like an early April Fool’s Joke.

But new President Gianni Infantino is deadly serious about it, with the Italian intent on making his mark and creating a legacy for his presidency.

He’s determined to restore some prestige to FIFA after so much scandal in recent years, and that was the thinking behind his plan to bring back the FIFA World Player of the Year award, which has been rebranded as ‘The Best.’

So, why 48 teams?

The logic behind it is unclear, and the general consensus among football fans is that it will only serve to dilute what is already a bloated and devalued tournament, given the inexorable growth and hegemony of the club scene.

Ratified and announced on Tuesday

But the 48 team World Cup is a real thing, and it’s happening.

Globo Esporte report today that the decision has been taken by FIFA’s top brass, and that it will be officially announced and ratified on Tuesday.

So it’s official: as of 2026, the World Cup will be a 48 team competition. Yikes.