FIFA 19: The top 100 players on this years game analysed

The latest edition: the latest ratings

EA Sports have released the top 100 rated players in FIFA 19 ahead of the game’s launch in just over a couple of weeks time.

The FIFA franchise is still one of the most popular sports game on the market and is considered to be the best football game.

The game is typically updated each year with new games modes and features but one of the biggest changes is the player ratings.

Each year EA Sports uses the data it receives to give each player in the database a rating.

Those ratings obviously go down from the previous year if they did badly last season and up if they impressed.

Now, EA Sports have been releasing the top 100 rated players in FIFA 19 and we’re going to take a good look at who made the cut.


First up is the 100-81 section.

Interesting picks here come in the form of Arturo Vidal, Joshua Kimmich and Liverpool man Alisson Becker.

New Barcelona man Vidal has fallen in ratings over the past couple of years on FIFA and his pace has taken a huge hit.

While he could be a great player to hold down the midfield, there could be better options this year.

Joshua Kimmich’s rise in FIFA has been incredible over the past 2 years and is now the highest rated right-back in the game.

Alisson Becker’s 85 rating is also huge for Liverpool, who finally have a high rated goalkeeper at the back.

Arjen Robben’s fall from grace is also there for everyone to see.


There are a few interesting picks in the 80-61 section.

Jerome Boateng has lost two ratings while Man City stars Ederson, Leroy Sane, Fernandinho and Nicolás Otamendi have been handed upgrades.

Roberto Firmino has received an upgrade and could be the perfect player for those false 9 formations.

César Azpilicueta looks as though he could be as solid of an option for a Premier League side as he was last season.


This is where we get to the business end of things.

This section hosts many players you will want in your squad next season.

Sadio Mane looks a very threatening option for a Premier League side, while Alexis Sanchez has had some of his stats dropped, most notably his pace.

Romelu Lukaku is now an 87 rated striker while compatriot Jan Vertonghen is now the highest rated Premier League defender.

Kylian Mbappe could also be one of the most in-demand players this year.

Following a big upgrade, the Frenchman looks as though he could be one of the best attackers in the game this year.


Despite huge criticism, Paul Pogba has maintained his 88 rating.

The Frenchman hasn’t had the best of times at Manchester United but his World Cup glory has allowed him to keep his rating.

Real Madrid man Casemiro is finally on a level playing field with fellow holding midfielder Sergio Busquets.

Though, looking at Busquets’ card, something huge stands out.

The Spaniard only has a 79 rating for his passing, which is incredibly underrated.

Christian Eriksen’s upgrade and well-rounded stats could well make him the best Premier League playmaker this year.


This section is very important for Liverpool fans.

That is because following Mohamed Salah’s stunning season, he has been given a huge upgrade.

He is now rated 88 and has had his shooting boosted to 84.

That seems to be a reasonable rating, with an opportunity to go higher with another big season this year.

The next big talking point in this section is Real Madrid’s Marcelo.

The Brazilian will be a must for any team with enough cash to afford him.

Not only are his stats incredible, he now has 5-star skill moves!

Despite his age, David Silva has also received an upgrade and is now 89 rated.


In this section, Harry Kane and Sergio Aguero are level for best Premier League striker.

N’Golo Kante is a must for any Premier League side and is the highest rated midfielder in the English top flight.

His 87 defending and 80 pace mean it will be extremely hard to get around him.

Both Madrid goalkeepers Jan Oblak and Thibaut Courtois are level at 90 while Manuel Neuer joins them in the 90 club.


Now’s the time you’ve all been waiting for – the top 10.

In an unexpected turn of events, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are level!

They are both rated 94 and after is move to Juventus, has been given a position change from left wing to a striker.

Messi has also been moved from right wing to centre-forward and has the best dribbling rating in the game.

For the first time in a while, you could play Messi and Ronaldo as a striking partnership.

Sergio Ramos is the highest rated defender in the game while compatriot David De Gea is the highest rated goalkeeper.

Luka Modric and Kevin De Bruyne share the mantle as best central midfielder while Eden Hazard has been given an upgrade to 91 rated.

That rounds out the top 100 FIFA 19 ratings, now comes the wait before we can get our hands on them!

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