Female reporter claims via Twitter that David Moyes has previous for sexist remarks

Moyes’ sexist remark

David Moyes finds himself in the eye of a sexism storm today, after audio footage emerged of him telling female journalist Vicki Sparks that she could get a ‘slap.’

The Sunderland boss was heard making the sexist remark to Sparks during media interviews following Sunderland’s 1-0 defeat to Watford at the weekend.

Moyes has apologized for the highly inappropriate remark – which in his defence was quite clearly uttered in jest.

Nonetheless, jest or no jest, you simply can’t make those kinds of remarks to women in football or in any walk of life, especially given some of the sexist discrimination women have suffered in football.

It looks like Moyes may get away with a ‘slap’ on the wrist, despite calls from a feminist group for an FA investigation.

Previous for sexist remarks

However, he may find himself thrust from the frying pan to the fire, following these claims from ESPN reporter Alison Bender.

Bender claims that Moyes has previous for sexist remarks towards women, and that she’s overheard him make such remarks on more than one occasion.

Sounds like Moyes needs to be told what year it is…