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Fantasy Premier League confirm new feature for 2017/2018

Fantasy Premier League 2017/2018

For many football fans, the countdown to the new Premier League season has begun.

Whilst many of us are engrossed in transfer rumours, fans of Fantasy Premier League are analysing last season’s statistics and swotting up on the promoted teams.

Over 4.5 million managers took part in the Fantasy Premier League last season and it would be no surprise to see even more play the most popular fantasy game in 2017/2018.

The fixtures for the new season are released in just two days time. And, the new Premier League campaign starts in exactly two months from today.

“Preparations for new feature”

On Sunday, fans of the Fantasy Premier League noticed an intriguing update to the official Premier League app.

As can be seen below, there is an update to the app, which includes “preparations for a new feature”.

This has had plenty of people guessing as to what could be the new feature on Fantasy Premier League for 2017/2018?

Considering the update also includes “initial onboarding improvements for new season,” it seems fair to say that this “new feature” is a serious update.

What is the new FPL feature?

There are now serious rumours doing the rounds that the new FPL feature is a draft fantasy league. And, that the Premier League have been planning this draft league for at least two years now.

A draft league is how the majority of fantasy managers play in America sports.

With the draft system you bring in a player and only you have them rather than every player being available to everyone and using budgets, as with the current iteration of FPL.

A draft style game?

This would include plenty of changes to the app and the game itself, as the Premier League would have to prepare for trades and waivers between teams.

It would also be fraught with risk for FPL, it may even be easier to release a new app completely for a draft style game.

However, after some pretty serious overhauls to FPL over the past year and the demise of their 25-man Ultimate Team game, this new update is clearly something big.

Or perhaps, they have removed the “All Out Attack” chip for something more useful?!

The Premier League confirm “new feature” on app update

The Premier League confirm "new feature" on app update

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