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Ex-Saints star claims he retired as he prefers barbecue and beer to money

Big claim

An ex-Roma, Juventus and Southampton star has revealed that he retired from football because he ‘prefers barbecue and beer to money’.

That player comes in the form of striker Dani Osvaldo who played for Southampton briefly between 2013 and 2015 but with loans in that time.

Known for his troubles in terms of discipline, the Saints signed him from Roma and his ability was certainly not in question.

Though, his motivation and his discipline left a lot to be desired and the player has now claimed that he left football for one reason.

That reason is that he just prefers living the high life of barbecues and beer to playing football and making lots of money.

It’s certainly a fresh approach to footballers extortionate wages but its a big claim nonetheless.

“I couldn’t do it anymore. I had offers from China and clubs in the Champions League, but I was detached,” he explained.

“I was beginning to hate what I had always loved.”

“Football deserves respect, and I prefer asado [Argentinian barbecue] and beer to money.”

Though, Osvaldo did reveal one funny moment during his footballing career.

The Italian revealed that Jorge Sampaoli contacted him over a move while he was at Sevilla and their conversation was incredible.

‘He said to me: “Dani, I’m not asking anything of you, you can do what you want on the pitch and off, but I need a striker”.

‘I told him “but boss, there’s the Cosquin Rock festival!”. He said “I forgot! Go, of course, you can’t miss it”. Two crazy people!’

Saints injury blow

While Osvaldo was once a star man for Southampton, the club now have a new set of star men.

One of them, though, will miss the Liverpool game this weekend with an injury.

That will be a huge blow for the side who are looking to stop Liverpool in their tracks.

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