‘He got what he deserved’: Ex-Liverpool Keeper alludes to Claudio Ranieri’s dark side

Ranieri Sacked

Premier League managers are today reeling from the news that Claudio Ranieri has been sacked by Leicester City.

Given how highly regarded he is among his colleagues, and his title-winning achievement at Leicester, the news has been met with absolute shock within the Premier League.

Indeed, Jose Mourinho was so taken aback by the news that he paid homage to the Italian at his press conference yesterday.

And the tributes haven’t been limited to managers – they’re pouring in from players too, with Chelsea’s John Terry and David Luiz taking to Instagram to offer their support.

But support for the sacked Italian hasn’t been unanimous…

‘He got what he deserved’

One man who won’t be shedding any tears over Ranieri’s sacking is ex-Brazil keeper Doni.

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Doni clashed with Ranieri during his spell at Roma, and clearly holds some rancour over this.

The retired keeper, who had a brief stint at Liverpool following his Serie A sojourn, has launched a broadside at the Italian, alluding to some hidden dark side….

‘Sooner or later everyone gets what they deserve. Lies can only be covered up for so long, the truth will always out.’

Generally perceived as a jolly and avuncular character, there have been rumblings this season that his private persona isn’t quite as benevolent as his public one, and Doni certainly seems to be intimating that.

(Via Mundo Deportivo)