Leo Messi v Real Madrid

Ex Barcelona president claims drastic measures are needed to keep Messi

Sack the board

Joan Laporta has come out and criticised Josep Maria Bartomeu, who is of course the man who beat him in the previous election for the president’s role at Barcelona.

Laporta is reportedly considering standing in the next elections against the increasingly unpopular Bartomeu, and thinks that should he stay in the role, the club risk watching Lionel Messi follow Neymar out of the door.

Laporta tweeted: “If we want Messi to continue being happy here at Barcelona then we need to get rid of Bartomeu immediately.”

The Neymar exit obviously shook Barcelona to their core, and certainly made the majority of people in the football world worry about keeping their star players, with PSG showing money is no object, and now it seems Lionel Messi and Manchester City could be about to do the same.

Keep Messi

One thing that’s clear is the club cannot afford to lose Lionel Messi, who is not only their best player but the best player in the world – according to everyone outside of Madrid that is.

For his part, the current president said: “Before [speaking about the future], we want to close off a chapter from the past.

“Neymar has formed part of our club, but he is now history. It’s his decision, despite the fact we did everything in our power for him to stay.

“We always acted responsibly and while we do not share his decision, we do respect it — although that’s not to say we don’t defend our own interests.

“Everything has its limit and no player is above Barca. [Neymar’s] way of doing things was not the best. It was not befitting a Barcelona player.”

He may claim no player is above Barcelona, but the majority of fans will think that Messi comes pretty close, and even £300 million would not allow the club enough money or time to replace someone who is arguably the most irreplaceable of all.