Everton’s Jordan Pickford & Julian Speroni: Liverpool conspiracy theories spread

Liverpool beat Crystal Palace 4-3

Liverpool maintained their position at the top of the Premier League with a 4-3 win over Crystal Palace on Saturday.

Will this prove to be the match which confirmed Liverpool as champions?

Liverpool have a four point lead over Man City in the league.

Julian Speroni’s epic error vs Liverpool

Liverpool had to work hard for their win over Crystal Palace, save for one moment.

Liverpool’s third goal was gifted to them by 39-year-old Crystal Palace keeper Julian Speroni.

Playing in his first Premier League match of the season, Speroni fumbled a James Milner cross to hand Mo Salah his second goal of the game.

Julian Speroni’s epic error vs Liverpool (1)

Julian Speroni’s epic error vs Liverpool (2)

Julian Speroni’s epic error vs Liverpool (3)

Everton’s Jordan Pickford

Speroni’s mistake was the second time Liverpool have benefited from a terrible error from an opposition keeper.

In the first Merseyside derby of the season at Anfield, Everton’s Jordan Pickford also screwed up royally in front of the Kop.

On that occasion, Pickford’s mistake gifted Divock Origi a 96th minute winner.

Liverpool conspiracy theories spread

Football fans have reacted to the Speroni error in typical style.

Stopping short of saying that clubs are purposefully screwing up to hand Liverpool the league, the sense is that Liverpool are having more than their fair share of luck this season.

The social media Liverpool conspiracy theories are below.

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