England players will have been confused by postcard they received from Big Sam yesterday

Inauspicious timing

Sam Allardyce at England training
Sam Allardyce at England training

Big Sam Allardyce sacked from England job

Sam Allardyce’s reign as England manager ended in farce, disgrace and humiliation this week, after being caught red-handed in a sting operation.

Big Sam was caught out by the Telegraph, who lured him into a ruse and exposed his crookedness.

The former West Ham and Sunderland boss was seen explaining how to circumvent FA rules with regard to third party ownership, as well as mocking his predecessor Roy Hodgson.

He was also exposed as being too greedy for his own good, negotiating a dodgy contract worth 400K just to make a few keynote speeches every year.

England players receive postcard from Big Sam

So that’s it: after 67 days in charge, Big Sam’s reign with England is no more, as he’s been left to lick his wounds and consider his future in the game.

But the England players may be confused as to what’s going on, and whether he’s still in the job or not.

Because they received a postcard from Big Sam yesterday, congratulating them on the win over Slovakia, and issuing a rallying cal ahead of the World Cup qualifying campaign.

The postcard had been prepared weeks previously, and ended up being sent to the players yesterday of all days.


Big Sam's ill-timed postcard to England players
Big Sam’s ill-timed postcard to England players

(Via Telegraph)

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