Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard’s Chelsea exit assessed as Gareth Bale could be part of a Real Madrid deal

Martin Samuel on Chelsea

Daily Mail columnist Martin Samuel has turned focus onto Chelsea this Tuesday.

It’s now open-season for Chelsea bashers following Sunday’s 6-0 defeat at Man City.

Many are now asking how much longer Maurizio Sarri will remain at Stamford Bridge.

However, for Samuel, Sarri’s possible Chelsea exit “pales in significance” to Eden Hazard’s likely departure from the Blues this summer.

Eden Hazard is a Chelsea goner

Martin Samuel is convinced that Hazard will not be a Chelsea player next season:

Eden Hazard has made his mind up. We all know what that means.

If his decision was to remain at Chelsea, he could announce that now.

The only reason he keeps secrets is because the club, and its fans, won’t like what he has to tell them.

For the record, 28-year-old Hazard is under contract at Chelsea until 2020.

Gareth Bale & Real Madrid

The usual narrative spun about Hazard’s next move is that the Belgian could join Real Madrid.

On that possible deal, Samuel suggests that Chelsea could land Gareth Bale in return.

Bale recently scored his 100th goal for Real Madrid after spending six years at the club.

To be clear, Samuel fails to offer any back-up evidence to suggest that Bale to the Blues is realistically on the cards.

Yet, even if that happens, Samuel argues that Chelsea will be worse off:

Christian Pulisic is coming, and there will be others on the market as always — maybe even Gareth Bale if he could be made part of any deal with Real Madrid — but no-one in Hazard’s class.

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