E-commerce site explain themselves after Chapecoense shirt doubles in price

Netshoes PR disaster
Netshoes PR disaster

Tragedy strikes Chapecoense

Brazilian top tier club Chapecoense were on their way to the Copa Sudamerica final in Colombia earlier today when disaster struck.

The plane, taking footballers and journalists to the club’s biggest game in their history, crashed close to Medellin, killing 76 of the 81 passengers on board.

South American E-commerce site Netshoes caused outrage in Brazil today after it emerged that the price of the Chapecoense shirt on their website (above) was changed from R$129 to R$249.

Netshoes explain themselves

South American E-commerce site Netshoes quickly put together a statement on Twitter, claiming the price change happened automatically due to the Black Friday sales.

They put the price back to R$129 to appease the angry Brazilians.

“Netshoes explains that, because of Black Friday, the Chapecoense shirt had a promotional price and – during this morning – had all the latest units sold at the advertised price (R$ 159.00). With the depletion of the product and automatic programming system account, the value returned to the original price (R$ 249.00), along with the product availability alert. To be transparent to the consumer, the value was further adjusted manually, but reiterated the availability of the product. The company deeply regrets and sympathises with the families, fans and friends of all involved in this sad episode.”