Diego Forlan doesn’t hold back in attack on Dani Alves and Neymar

Forlan defends

Footballers clearly find the feud between Edinson Cavani and Neymar just as captivating at fans. Mario Balotelli weighed in on the PSG infighting the other day and now Uruguay legend Diego Forlan has said his piece.

Quoted by Spanish site Sport, the La Liga legend stuck up for his compatriot. As well as criticising Neymar’s behaviour, Forlan targeted Dani Alves for his role in proceedings. He didn’t mince words.

He said: “If it is a problem between them, that is a normal thing between players. What does not make sense is that Dani Alves acts as if he were Neymar’s bitch, that does not go. I get angry and I have to stand in the place of ‘Edi’ because Alves didn’t give the ball to Cavani as he was holding it for Neymar. He arrives as the most expensive signing in history but you need to have respect for Cavani. Neymar would not have tried to do this to Messi.”

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The internet reacted in a similar way to Forlan upon seeing Alves shield the ball from Cavani after PSG were awarded a free-kick in their 2-0 win over Lyon on Sunday. He slyly passed it off to Neymar, provoking outrage online.


The aftermath of the match saw a bunch of stories appear about how things carried on off the pitch. Cavani confronted Neymar in the dressing room over the penalty debacle. Neymar didn’t back down. Things threatened to get physical before Thiago Silva stepped in to break things up. The Brazil defender is another good friend of Neymar.

There was also the report that the clash was as much about money as it was egos. The forwards are competing for a bonus payment to be top goalscorer at the end of the season. You can read about that here.