Diego Costa told by teammates to make up with Conte [Telegraph]

Say sorry

Diego Costa is someone who could start a fight in an empty room, and it seems that he’s managed to do it on the training field with manager Antonio Conte.

The press has been full of Costa v Conte stories over the last few days, but it seems there’s only one man the Chelsea players are backing, and it’s their manager.

That’s according to the Telegraph, who feel that Costa needs to immediately make good with the Chelsea manager, or risk a similar situation to last season, where the club were in disarray due to the Civil War between the manager and the players.

Vital for the title race

Costa might be a character that attracts a fair few negative headlines, but he’s also one who has propelled Chelsea to the top of the table this season, and without his goals, they would seriously worry about winning the league.

Beating a struggling Leicester City side is one thing, but coming up against their title rivals without Costa may be another, and the club have looked at other targets, should Costa refuse to apologise.