Dele Alli explains why he’s changing his Print Name on his Spurs shirt this season

‘And it’s Dele on the ball…’

Dele Alli in action for Spurs last season
Dele Alli in action for Spurs last season

Alli becomes Dele

Spurs and England star Dele Alli has made a surprising announcement, declaring that he has changed the name on the back of his shirt.

As per the standard print, Alli has until now used his surname as his print name, but he has now announced that from now on, he’ll be using his first name.

‘No Connection’

Alli has explained that the reason for the change is because he feels ‘no connection’ with his surname Alli, and identifies solely with his first name Dele:

“I wanted a name on my shirt that represented who I am and I feel I have no connection with the Alli surname,” the player said.

“This is not a decision I have taken without a lot of thought and discussion with family close to me.”

Alli didn’t expound or expand any further on the reason for the print name change, but his parental situation has been well documented in previous interviews and write-ups, and it’s likely to do with the fact that he is estranged from his father.

Alli was brought up by his mother, and from the age of 13 moved in with a foster home with the aid of social services, when his mother decided that his future would be best served away from the family home.

(Via ESPN)