Dejan Lovren appeals to ref after Ross Barkley foul

Dejan Lovren can’t believe Ross Barkley didn’t apologise for horror tackle

Bad Merseyside fouls

The Merseyside derby was one of the best games of the Premier League weekend.

This edition saw Liverpool triumph 3-1 over Everton at Anfield, extending a long unbeaten home run against their close rivals. The last time the Toffees won away at Liverpool was in 1999.

While there were brilliant goals, the game was marred by bad tackles.

Everyone loves a passionate derby but not an overly aggressive one.

Everton were lucky to see the game out without having a man sent off. Ross Barkley fouled Dejan Lovren in a horrendous fashion and the Croatian has since spoken out with fury about the tackle.

Barkley blanks Lovren

Quoted by the Guardian, Lovren was more aggrieved by the fact that Barkley didn’t apologise for the tackle than the tackle itself. The England international blanked his opponent after the match

He said: “If I show you my leg, you will be like [grimaces]. It will be headlines if I show you my leg. It was a tough challenge but we have seen it many times before. He didn’t apologise and that is the only thing I do not like.

“If you make a hard challenge, then be open about it and say sorry or something like that. Don’t talk to the referee and say it was not a foul. I think everyone saw it, especially me, but now it is over.”