Days after Man City & Raheem Sterling, Chelsea fans hold a flag with Nazi symbols in Hungary

Raheem Sterling’s racist abuse at Chelsea

The fallout from the racist abuse suffered by Man City’s Raheem Sterling last weekend at Chelsea is still unfolding.

To recap, one Chelsea fan, later revealed to be around 60, was spotted shouting “f****** black c***” at Sterling last weekend.

Sterling later confirmed he did suffer racist abuse at Chelsea.

However the Man City and England star used the incident to shine a light on the media’s reporting of black footballers.

Anti-Semitic Chelsea fans at Vidi

Chelsea were back in Europa League action last Thursday night.

The Blues travelled to Hungary to face Vidi.

Chelsea lost their perfect record in the competition as they drew their final match 2-2.

However Chelsea’s reputation was further ruined by a group of their supporters at the game.

Some Chelsea fans were heard singing anti-Semitic songs during the Vidi game.

Chelsea fans hold a flag with Nazi symbols

And now it’s got even worse.

The Guardian on Saturday have flagged up a photo which has been sitting on Twitter for several days.

The picture carried the following citation: MOL Vidi – Chelsea 13.12.2018. Chelsea Headhunters (In Hungary).

As reported by the Guardian:

The photographs reveal a group holding a banner, on which is displayed SS death’s head insignia.

The banner, a modified flag of Northern Ireland that also mentioned Rangers and bore the Loyalist slogan “No surrender”, featured the SS-Totenkopf skull commonly used by neo-Nazis as a reference to the Third Reich’s units who ran extermination camps throughout Europe and the 3rd SS Panzer division.

It’s reported that Chelsea are “aware” of the photo in question.

The club also have records of all fans who bought tickets for the Vidi match.

The Guardian note “it seems likely the group concerned remained in the city centre, out of the club’s jurisdiction, during the game.”

Chelsea are owned by Roman Abramovich, who is not only Jewish but now Israeli.

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Chelsea’s antisemitism video is a powerful reminder to their supporters.