David Beckham & Victoria

David Beckham buys Victoria a Caribbean island

David Beckham’s latest purchase

The front page of the Daily Star on Sunday has a report on David Beckham.

After recently turning 42 on May 2, Beckham is now looking to commemorate spending 20-years together with Victoria.

The couple got married on July 4, 1999.

Rather than going for jewellery or a new car, Beckham has decided to buy his wife her own island in the Caribbean.

The Star’s splash fails to give away much information about the purchase, except that it’s costing Beckham seven million pounds, while the gift is set to appeal to his wife as she’s labelled “privacy-craving”. (Erm, who isn’t?!)

David Beckham buys Victoria a Caribbean island

Beckham in space?

A private island isn’t the strangest place to find Beckham.

Instead, a little while ago Football Leaks reported that there was  a plan to send David Beckham to the international space station.

The report claimed that Space Adventures, a Virginia-based company which arranges space flights for private citizens, would be involved in the process.

This would be used to attract sponsors, which would reportedly cost between 500,000 and 12 million USD to sponsor Beckham into space.

The report also claims that “the pitch was to be made to global brands such as Yahoo, Google, YouTube and Facebook and for broadcasting rights with media such as Sky, Fox and Al Jazeera”.