Croatian police warn French security that Croatian hooligans plan to attack the ref v Spain

Croatia v Spain

This is starting to get pretty worrisome.

Croatia take on Spain in Bordeaux on Tuesday night, and the match could be set for some horror scenes.

In their last game, Croatian ultras turned on each other in incredible scenes in a 2-2 draw against the Czech Republic.

The Croatian incident included a series of flares being thrown onto the pitch which caused a five minute delay in the match.

Croatian riots in Bordeaux?

A Croatian ultra fan page on Facebook called “Torcida Split 1950” have posted stadium plans of the ground in Bordeaux.

The plans were uploaded with instructions for how riots and crowd disturbances could be started up in the ground.

The friction between the Croatia fans centres on internal politics, and the role of Zdravko Mamić, who runs Croatian football.

Many fans believe Mamić is a crook, who has been accused of embezzlement.

Will the ref be attacked?

The ref for the Croatia v Spain game is Dutch official Bjorn Kuipers.

In a scary update, via Croatian website amongst others, it’s now been reported that Croatian police have issued a warning to French security that they believe Croatian fans could try to attack ref Kuipers tonight.

It’s claimed that Croatian hooligans plan to storm the pitch with 30 minutes remaining in the game, and they specifically intend to go after the referee.

The thought is that the Croatian hooligans plan to try to get their nation expelled from international competitions.

A copy of the letter sent by Croatian police to French security services is below.

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