Cristiano Ronaldo’s huff continued long after being subbed off v Las Palmas (Video)

Ronaldo does not like being taken off

Ronaldo's huff on the Las Palmas bench
Ronaldo’s huff on the Las Palmas bench

Ronaldo’s huff at Las Palmas

Cristiano Ronaldo is not substituted very often, much less in the 72d minute.

The Portuguese was aghast at Zinedine Zidane’s decision to take him off for Lucas Vasquez at Las Palmas last night, and Ronado didn’t seem the least bit interested that Zidane was trying to rest him for the midweek game against Dortmund.

Ronaldo blanked Zizou as he walked off the pitch, and we can now see that it didn’t end there.

Cristiano continued his stop on the bench

This video shows how Ronaldo’s strop continued long after he’d left the pitch, and he carried on raging on the bench, cursing Zidane to anyone who was willing to listen.

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