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Cristiano Ronaldo releases lengthy statement denying tax fraud

Cristiano Ronaldo fights back

As the world’s best and most famous footballer right now, Cristiano Ronaldo was unlikely to take the allegations from Spanish prosecutors lying down.

And, so it has proved with Ronaldo putting together a seriously lengthy defence of himself after being accused of tax fraud.

Following many months of rumours, on Tuesday, Ronaldo received some rare bad news following weeks of personal success and milestones.

These included the birth of his twins, winning La Liga and the Champions League, as well as being the cover star of FIFA 18.

Whatever Leo Messi can do, Cristiano Ronaldo can do better!

Yesterday, Spanish prosecutors filed a lawsuit against Cristiano Ronaldo for alleged tax fraud of £13m (€14.7m) between 2011 and 2014.

There are of course plenty of similarities with Leo Messi, who has famously had plenty of issues with the tax man in Spain.

Leo Messi’s recent conviction was cited by the Spanish prosecutors on Tuesday and they allege that Ronaldo has committed the same crime.

Ronaldo “did not try to evade taxes”

On Tuesday evening, representatives for Cristiano Ronaldo produced a serious rebuttal to the Spanish prosecutors with a lengthy defence of the Real Madrid superstar.

Ronaldo denies there is an “offshore structure for avoiding taxes” and then goes into great detail over how his finances have been handled going back to his days at Manchester United.

Part of Ronaldo’s defence is that he now uses the same structure of paying tax as he did in England, which is possibly different to Leo Messi, who has only ever played for one club.

“Administrative” or “Criminal”?

Lawyers for Cristiano Ronaldo also push for an “administrative” rather than “criminal” case which could reduce any jail time for the Real Madrid attacker.

The key parts of the Ronaldo statement are listed at the very end in three bullet points.

Whilst there is a firm defence of Ronaldo, and this case is far from over, the suggestion that “the declared amount can be discussed” suggests the Real Madrid striker is looking for a financial settlement with the Spanish authorities.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s statement denying tax fraud

Cristiano Ronaldo's statement denying tax fraud 1/3

Cristiano Ronaldo's statement denying tax fraud 2/3

Cristiano Ronaldo's statement denying tax fraud 3/3