Cristiano Ronaldo launches new Legacy fragrance ahead of Real Madrid return (Video)

Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy
Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy

Ronaldo’s keeping busy

Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t been twiddling his thumbs during the time he’s spent sidelined.

The Real Madrid superstar is also a reasonably successful businessman (as well as a business, man) and has been tending to his projects. His boutique hotels are opening in spots around Portugal. Madrid and Manchester are being targeted further down the pipeline.

Real Madrid return

On Thursday he could be seen launching his new ‘Legacy’ fragrance. Smiling for the cameras and spraying the perfume on himself, Ronaldo is an experienced pro when it comes to dealing with the media. All this while recovering from an injury. There’s no question that he trains hard.

Anyone who follows his social media activity would find it impossible to forget.

The forward has told reporters that he’s feeling fine and that he’s ready to make his first appearance of the season this weekend. He won’t want to give Osasuna defenders a sniff. Geddit? Perfume?

Ah forget it and watch the video below.

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