Cristiano Ronaldo has completed the same amount of dribbles as Ter Stegen this La Liga season

Ronaldo used to be a great dribbler. Used to be.

Ronaldo in action for Real Madrid this season
Ronaldo in action for Real Madrid this season

Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t quite kicked into gear yet this season.

The Portuguese did score within minutes of his first appearance of the season, but he then suffered a couple of injuries which kept him out of the next games.

He was taken off by manager Zinedine Zidane against Las Palmas last night and proceeded to throw a monumental strop, but Ronaldo may have been stropping about his own performance as much as anything.

He was particularly poor last night, missing a few scoreable chances and failing to connect with Gareth Bale or Morata in the Madrid attack.

Ronaldo’s slow start to the Liga campaign

Ronaldo’s evolution as a player has been fascinating; once a mazy dribbler, Ronaldo has transformed himself into a glorified striker, playing increasingly centrally and basing most of his game around scoring.

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And this amazing stat bears that out: Ronaldo has completed just one dribble all season in La Liga, the same amount as Marc-Andre Ter Stegen, Barcelona’s goalkeeper.