Cologne’s Birger Verstraete confirms 2 players and 1 physio tested positive for Covid-19

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Cologne’s Birger Verstraete: 2 players, 1 physio test positive for Covid-19

On Friday, news broke in Germany that three members of Bundesliga side Cologne had tested positive for Covid-19.

We still don’t know the identities of those at Cologne who have contracted the coronavirus.

However, in an interview with Belgium’s VTM, Cologne midfielder Birger Verstraete confirmed that the virus was picked up by two players and one physio.


What Birger Verstraete told VTM

As reported on HLN, Birger Verstraete told VTM the following:

The physiotherapist treated me and other players for weeks. And I was partnered with one of the two players in question in the weight room on Thursday.

We’ve been training in two groups and, you know, that the boys came extremely close to you.

The tests were done on Thursday at 4 pm. Before that we were together from 9 am to 3 pm.

We exercised together, trained together.

Last Thursday’s test cannot prove whether I am positive, and everyone will be tested again tomorrow (Sunday).

The virus shows once again that you have to take it seriously.

It is not up to me to decide what to do with the Bundesliga. But I can say that I don’t feel like playing football. 

It is much more important to me (because my girlfriend has health issues). I want everyone to be healthy before we play football again.

We’re not be quarantined for the time being, and that’s a bit bizarre.

I’d be lying if I said I’m not worried. At the moment football is not the most important place for me, especially because (the virus) is getting so close now.

I had previously seen images of intensive care units. And now it appears that the virus is also close to us.

It’s a bit strange that everything just keeps going on.

I’m holding my breath for the results of tomorrow’s tests.

I hope (the virus) stays with (just) three people, but I also keep in mind that the virus may spread.

I think it would be naive of me and others to say that football should be resumed as soon as possible.


Other things you should know…

HLN report that Birger Verstraete’s girlfriend, Zoé Timmermans, has a heart problem.

As for health updates on the two players and one physio at Cologne, Verstraete told VTM that they were all asymptomatic and none had a cough or fever.


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